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Taken into context as a whole it makes sense, but if you were to just look at those 2 lines I can completely understand what makes it confusing. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But in fact, Griphook is becoming cranky because Harry isn't fitting into Griphook's neat little xenophobic worldview, where Goblins are always the victims and Wizards always the perpetrators. After the death of Dobby, Harry speaks to Griphook. Change ). Phone conversation? You can be totally, completely sorry for something you have done, but that doesn’t make you deserving of being put down or humiliated. Unfortunately, when you’re faced with owning up to jerk-like behaviour, your brain has to work overtime to convince you that you’re the one in the wrong. Because you might not already know. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. @AIQ Merriam-Webster's definition of "sorry" is "feeling sorrow, regret, or penitence." We have the right to be free from being judged forever for our mistakes. And that he "was eager to harm wizards". Nothing, actually. Fiona's highly-anticipated third album almost didn't make it. Why bother when you already know they won’t even realize the difference, let alone appreciate it? She explained to The Morning Call that this tune is an "angry, 'you know what, you're not sorry for anything you did' song. Download speeds at the time were so slow it took around 75 minutes to download the track. You’ll only demand sincerity from someone you know is worth the trouble. I am not sure about England, but in the US the term "sorry" is very often used to mean "regret.". So we qualify our apologies with “if” and other riders: This is easy to see through, isn’t it? Is this an error in the updated Harry Potter Diagon Alley build/instructions? When saying we’re sorry, we often want to minimize our vulnerability. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Pride is a powerful motivator, and we often think that apologizing is humiliating. My flame went out when the water got too high. if you expect people to understand what it means to offer something in sincerity, first you must school them as to the meaning of the word and its concept. Type your email address here and click "subscribe" below to get notifications of new posts (four per month at most). James Brown's "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine" was the first Hot 100 hit with the word "sex" in the title. By the way your lesson is a middle of the road one – if you expect people to understand what it means to offer something in sincerity, first you must school them as to the meaning of the word and its concept. In the same way that “you look good” actually feels more authentic if it is said to you without you first asking, “how do I look?” an apology is best offered as-is, with no preconditions or negotiation. ( Log Out /  "No, Harry Potter," said Griphook, and with one finger he twisted the thin, black beard upon his chin, "but you are a very odd wizard.". How dare he be nice and cause Griphook internal turmoil when Griphook is having to deal with so much external turmoil! Pingback: The power of vulnerability « Positive Juice, Pingback: How to apologize… without meaning it? When people apologize like this, it feels about as sincere as eating a slab of steak and apologizing to the cow it came from while doing so. “In what way?” asked Harry, rubbing his scar absently. I am glad to see someone is holding the flame for goodness in the world. Feminism is NOT enough by itself to liberate men from the problems they confront; a treatise on male empowerment, Ask for help even when you don’t totally need it, One atheist’s understanding of the message of Jesus Christ, The nitty-gritty of using condoms: a conversation we don’t have nearly often enough, Getting the most out of the loves of our lives.


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