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The even burn and the fine, solid white ash was a nice contrast to the very dark wrapper leaf. The burn had a little difficulty staying straight during the first third but slowly evened itself out.

Length: 5.25 Inches As for the cigar itself…yet another blend from the halls of My Father, but at least this one sounds like a good one. Your email address will not be published. The finish lasts a good long while until the next draw.

Excellent review! Good stick at a good price but not a game changer except its nice to get My Father Quality without it being a spice bomb. Strength: Medium The review is right on, but I’d imagine mature pallets will enjoy this more. The burn needed one correction towards the end of the smoking experience. I completely agree with your assessment of this cigar. In 2009 the Garcia Family Industrial Park in Esteli, Nicaragua had its grand opening.

Right off the bat I got a blast of what I would describe as hickory. At $6 you know they are still making money off of it. The notes of hay, oak, and earthiness remain, but the hay is no longer a spice, just a flavor. Liked It: Yes Required fields are marked *.

Source: Purchased by reviewer No, Atlanta had not missed the memo.

All of Jaime’s cigars are rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua and come to us packaged in wooden boxes of 20. At this price, not only can just about anyone can afford this cigar, but it’s cheaper than most cigars being made by Pepin these days. But it turns out that the Reserva Especial wasn’t officially released back in December 2009 like I had thought. Filler: Nicaraguan Really a nice feel to the wrapper, nice dark choclate and Carmel notes. The charred wood remained, and to a lesser extent, the dark chocolate did as well. Jerry nice reading.

The indications are that the released blend is identical to that pre-release, and very fortunately, the speculation that this cigar would retail between $20 and $25 a stick turned out to be incorrect. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I took some background info about the cigar from Cigar-Coop’s review. Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Jaime García SIZE Petit Robusto, 4.5 x 50 ... light gray ash. After each draw the rich cocoa and berry flavors remain on my palate. The state of the art factory consists of over 700 employees, all working with the tobacco from the time that is is harvested, to the time that it is packed and shipped out to our retailers. The Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial is a great looking cigar. Nice review Brian. These flavors were less prevalent in the second half of the smoke. How on earth did it go from a $20-$25 cigar to a $6 cigar? Okay, maybe not, but it certainly was fun. Looking each cigar over, it was difficult to find a flaw, or more than two veins in any stick. Well done and thank you.


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