Marriage Contract
She is the second most powerful fairy among the Winx Club. She is the Winx Club's peacemaker, believing in protecting others and the environment. In this season, it is revealed that Flora came from Linphea and that she has a little sister named Miele. In fact, all the lights in the cottage remain off as she is told that she should not have come back. The next day, Flora joins the Winx in on breakfast in the school's cafeteria where, just as Bloom arrives late, Faragonda announces the upcoming Traditional Meeting Dance that is scheduled for later that night. Sometime during his childhood, Helia befriended Krystal, the Princess of Linphea. Once they get back to Alfea, Flora, Tecna and Musa stay behind to help defend the school alongside the surviving Specialists and faculty members while Bloom, Stella, Sky, Brandon and Knut attempt to sneak into Cloud Tower to allow for Bloom to steal her powers back. There, Flora defeated the flower of the depths which Tritannus' After arriving, the group separates to cover more ground and while the girls were walking about the lair, one the Phoenix's shadow creatures tries to prevent their mission from succeeding. She was very helpful by assisting in cleaning the house and washing dishes for Mike and Vanessa and encouraged the rest of the Winx to do chores. To make matter worse, the Winx end up being pursued by Evans and Gómez, a pair of detectives who believe that the Winx were responsible for Annabelle's abduction. Winx Club would destroy the enemy. Flora and Helia share a scene together where Helia says that they wanted to get to Alfea sooner when they heard about the Wizards' attack, but Flora assures Helia that all that matters is that they are here now and that she is really happy to see Helia again. She can also Flora, Musa and Tecna ask Stella where Bloom was, the blonde fairy says that she and Sky should be in Alfea now. and will be there to take the Dragon Flame, so the have to fight a Further evidence is shown when he struggles to pull Sky's damaged fighter craft Red Wing into the hanger of the flying ship without being held down to anything. Aisha does this by sneaking over to Red Fountain. At the same time, the girls recover the Magic Watch but find that it had been broken, so Silke lets them all inside the Watchmaker's castle with a spare key to get her uncle to repair it. Despite that, Helia manages to kick Horg unconscious when he charges in for another attack. Her wings are cyan and yellow with magenta borders. Later in the series, Flora confronts and fights Diana, the Earth's Fairy of Nature whose powers overshadow Flora's. Upon finally reaching the home of Silke's uncle, the Watchmaker, the Winx find that it deserted until Evans and Gómez come out of their hiding place to inform them over Bloom and Jim being ambushed and forced into the World of Dreams by a gang of Zombie Pirates and their leader. While in the tower Bloom finds what appeared to be the Dragon Flame, only to be confronted by the Trix, who were stopped by Miss Griffin, who not only got out of her cell thanks to Riven and Brandon, but managed to put the Trix in one of their own: a barrier followed by a granite cage. permanently. Talking Plant The three boys then return to their group to report the bad news, but Helia remains calm and tells them that they must leave before being spotted to inform everyone else and call for backup. The Specialist then returned to Red Fountain and Flora sensed a presence in the trees and told Bloom, who went to go check and discovered Aisha, who then passes out from exhaustion and trauma. Flora and Helia are a romantic couple featured in Winx Club. Due to her gentle and caring Afterwards, in "The Fashion Week," the Winx infiltrate the Paris School of Fashion to crash the Parisian Fashion Week Party being held inside to monitor in imposter masquerading around under Sophie's appearance as the real Sophie was mysteriously taken into the World of Dreams by the Crocodile Man the night before. From there, Flora becomes acquainted with her other roommates, Stella, Tecna and Musa, before they all decide to celebrate the coming school year by spending a day out in Magix City. Afterwards, they travel to Santa Monica Beach under Lorelei's lead. When Aisha finally awakens, Flora takes care of her. However, it is shown that Flora has an insecure side to her personality as she would have problems believing in herself at times. Realizing that this newest kidnapping may be the work of the Talent Thief, the Winx decide to focus all of their attention onto finding Annabelle. Since Flora dislikes aggression, she uses her powers in battle for defense and constriction. She is a guardian fairy of her home planet and the fairy of Nature. Flora fails to give Helia the love letter. Helia is a deep thinker, shown when he explained that often, the true context of "nothing" means a lot. David Faustino He lies with a heavy heart though and reveals all the deceptions, hoping that he can start anew with Flora. eyeshadow on her eyelids. The next day, Helia is called into the Headmaster's Office to deal with the ramifications of the failed retrieval mission.


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