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The ribbon itself is the same size as that used in the R44, measuring 60 x 4.7mm (2.35 x 0.185 inches), and it is claimed to be twice the size of the elements employed in many other modern ribbon mics. Weighing-in at under two pounds and measuring eight inches tall and 2.7 inches in diameter, the R84 is a great sounding microphone that is extremely versatile. However, you can get the 'X' option for not too much dough and turn that 44C into a 44CX and boost the o AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone Features: The AEA R84 is sort of a lightweight R44, with the same long-geometry ribbon but a different magnet structure. heh The 44C will require a bit more gain than the already hungrier than hell R84. Ribbon Microphone . This mic gets frequent use at the Disney Character Voices studio. In 2000, AEA sought to design a more compact, lighter and less expensive version of the hefty, eight-pound RCA 44BX. The R92 has a tonality similar to that of the R84, as they both exhibit a classic Big Ribbon sound, but the R92 has uniquely pronounced mid-range response as well as minimized proximity effect.. A feature of the R92 that distinguishes it from any other AEA mic is a ‘dual-tone’ functionality that results in two distinct sounds from the front and back of the mic respectively. Based on the character of the legendary R44, the AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone provides classic tonality with extended top-end and reduced proximity effect for medium and close range recording. The AEA R92 was designed with reduced proxmity effect, enabling it to … The AEA R84 is supplied in a complete system that includes a shock mount, 10-foot mic cable and sturdy foam-lined carrying case. Functionally they are both figure 8 mics. Microphones / Miking; By Hugh Robjohns. Quote: Originally Posted by Jonathan Starr What is the functional and sonic difference between a 44C and an R84? AEA R84.


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