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Pato, also called juego del pato , is a game played on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball. All rights reserved. I can only imagine the poor thing’s sheer terror.

Pato is Argentina’s national sport. Argentina features a world class cuisine-blend of Spanish and Italian cultures.

This sport played on horseback is a mix of polo and basketball. Not only injuries but people also lost their lives due to fights in between the game. If you’re intrigued by this Argentine creation, it’s played year-round all over the country and the Campo Argentino de Pato (Argentine Pato Field) is located just outside the city limits. The ball ( about the half the size of the standard basketball)  replaced the erstwhile live duck and specific boundary lines for field dimensions were drawn and the maximum number of  members of both the rival teams was reduced to a comfortable four  to give the game an elegant look.
Variedad de pato…

Pato is the native equestrian sport of Argentina, which combines elements of polo and basketball. Pato clubs are relatively far from urban centres because of the amount of space needed: the field itself is rectangular in shape and measures 180 (up to 220) metres by 80 (up to 90) metres, with a 5 metre security area on each side and a 20 to 30 metres behind each goal.
Why IELTS is Important: Everything You Need To Know About IELTS. The Abierto Argentino de Pato (Argentine Open of Pato), for example, requires a team handicap of 20-34 goals. Every year, the Abierto Argentino de Pato (the Argentinean Open) brings together the top teams, which fight for the National Championship in a exciting display of skill on horseback.

The modern version of Pato is played with two teams of four members each.

First, check the schedule on the official website here . ©1997-2020 Topend Sports Network However, the pato game continues to win the attention of sport enthusiasts who ardently argue that the pato game, being the indigenous sport since ages, still retains the original culture and heritage of the nation.

See What is a sport? The game can be extremely violent and for that very reason the game had to be banned many times.

author info Displeased by the ruthless killings of players during the game, a Catholic priest denied Christian ritualistic burial for the pato players who died due to stampede in the playground. She currently lives in Dallas, USA with her British husband, but they move a lot.

Argentina is the second largest country in the continent of South America and eighth largest in the world. The field for the game is large, so Pato is played in special areas and usually outside of cities. A propuesta de los equipos de alto rendimiento deportivo el evento será programado para inicios del próximo año. There are tournament matches around the country from February to December. En diálogo con Sportia, analizó el presente del equipo, elogió a Lionel Scaloni y se animó a darle un consejo a Franco Armani respecto de cómo atajar en la altura. Why duck? Each team consists of four mounted players on the field. Of course, the treatment of a poor duck was not at all humane. There are two rival teams each with four horse-riders vying for saddling the ball pre-emptively into the vertical ring mounted on a post. The players fight for the ball which has six handles. Check out the 800 sports in the Encyclopedia of Every Sport. Football –or soccer, as it’s known in some parts- may be Argentina’s most popular sport but pato is the country’s official national sport.. Pato (Spanish for duck) dates back to the early 17 th century, albeit not in the form it is played nowadays.

Pato in Spanish means "duck."

In addition to the world famous football game, there is a less known game called “Pato” which has been accorded the status of national game of Argentina. The riders attempt to carry a leather ball (originally a duck trapped in a basket) by its large handles and throw it through the opposing team’s goal, which is… So, later it was replaced by a real ball. The playing field usually stretches between neighboring ranches. disclaimer

The goal of the game is to have one team run all the way to their goal with the ball.

Historians came to the conclusion that the sport of pato was invented in the Pampas, as no evidence of it was ever found in Spain –from where the Conquistadors came- and it is a fact that the local tribes did not play it before the Conquest because the horse was introduced by the Spaniards. So how do you play? Juego del pato, more commonly referred to Pato, is the national sport of Argentina and is a game played on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball. Home > List > Pato. We like our meat grilled slowly over […], 100th anniversary of the Buenos Aires underground, Picture Postcards: The Great Outdoors in Argentina. Mummies | DNA Analysis Shows as Half-brothers | University of Manchester, Frozen Waterfalls on Chinese Tianmen Mountain | Best Tourist Attraction, Zealandia Eighth Continent : Scientific Report, Solar Paint offers endless energy from water vapor | RMIT University Report, National Animals of various in the world | Countries National Animals, Top 10 Expensive animals in the world | World Costliest Animals, World Costliest Birds | World Top 10 most Expensive Birds, Pilotless Sky Taxi | Volocopter | First in Dubai, Mobile Phone Affects Brain Function | Cellphone Radiation Effects, 10 Inventions That Change the World | Top 10 Inventions, Triangulam Galaxy | Milky way galaxy | Andromeda, World best airports 2017 Awards | Skytrax World best Airport Awards, Mummies | How to make mummy | Mummification | Types of mummies, National Birds | Worlds All Countries Birds, World Countries Capitals | Capital Cities in the World, India Planted 66 million Trees 12 hours break World Record | G20 Summit Paris Agreement, SS Antilla | Antilla Cargo Ship | Antilla Shipwreck | Aruba Snorkelings, WORLD BEST COUNTRIES RANKING POWER CATEGORY | TOP 80 BEST COUNTRIES, World Best Countries Ranking Quality Life Category | TOP 80 BEST COUNTRIES, World Best Countries Ranking Movers Category | Top 80 Best Countries, World Best Countries Ranking Open Business Category | Top 80 Best Countries, World Best Countries Ranking Heritage Category |Top 80 Best Countries, World Best Countries Ranking Entrepreneurship | World Top 80 Countries. Download our free ebook of games from around the world.

Discover the extreme world of Pato in Argentina invented by the Gauchos over three centuries ago.


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