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They use our culture, they love our culture, they’ll take everything from our culture, but don’t pour back into our culture.”, More than two weeks after Red posted her frustrations with the industry on Instagram, SM Entertainment, the “sister company” of Ekko Music Rights, released a statement that read: “We stand with our Black collaborators, friends and fans” and added that “we are new to this conversation”. allkpop® is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. Nice to see groups like BAP, BTOB, etc., too! Johnson notes that she is still waiting for statements from YG and Pledis, which produce a handful of chart-topping groups she also likes. They don’t need to change anything. When Powell watched the music video for Devil for the first time, he was shocked to see that his dance move, a hip tap and high clap combination, had been used as part of the song’s chorus, without his permission, and without credit or compensation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Just go if your not interested. You would recall last year when Mnet "Produce X 101" had ended, the 3 trainees from Maroo Entertainment had formed TEEN TEEN MLD is ready to debut a new boy group called TEEN1419 which consists of 9 members! List of South Korean idol groups (1990s) List of South Korean idol groups (2000s) List of South Korean idol groups (2010s) This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 05:09 (UTC). I dunno why but i am GETTING an BTS aura from cravity !!!! Devil became the lead single of SM group Super Junior’s 2015 album of the same name. Before an agency sees you as a person, they see as an investment. Confirmed by MBK Entertainment, Lee HanGyul and Nam DoHyon will be making their debut with 6 other members in a boy group. UPDATE: The group is called p1H/p1Harmony. UPDATE: They will debut under the group name Weeekly! They’ll take everything from our culture, but don’t pour back into our culture. We are the people who make your music. I respect your opinion. As a result of this, BTS has now made its way to the list of bands I respect. Everyone wants to be the group leader, main dancer, rapper, vocals, and even visuals. Within K-pop, blackface, mouthing or saying racial slurs, and purely aesthetic uses of Black culture and hairstyles are still common. Becoming a foreign pop artist would be hard, not just because of social resistance par sé, but because of South Korea’s society’s core values and beliefs, as well as your delusional thinking and the social norms you’ve been brought up with in your own native country. There’s also a boy group called MCND who debut in February 2020. Now, Black creatives and fans are holding them accountable. its a Chinese girl group! All rights reserved. The girls are gaining attention for their lovely and energetic songs. Are you ready for the ultimate debut of NCT 2020? UNVS debuted back in February with their single 'Timeless'! Seriously who names a boy group "BOY" We didn’t make the system, but it’s all of our responsibility to fix it to make it better. UPDATE: TREASURE will be making their debut on Aug. 7! Comment. No business would want to throw their hard-earned limited cash on a venture they think has no future, or on a product that has no market. Some K-Pop fans might recall the members as they had appeared on Mnet "Produce 101" Season 1 as well as JTBC "Mixnine". SM Entertainment is one of South Korea’s three largest entertainment companies. She is a huge supporter of NCT 127 and has slept on the street three times to see them in person during appearances in New York City. Music is one thing which brings people together, irrespective of their religion, culture, race, sex, and nationality. On Tuesday 2 June, Grammy award-winning songwriter and music artist Tiffany Red returned home from a trip to her local mall, where she had encountered the national guard armed with large rifles, an experience that left Red “traumatized”. They are currently 'killing' the K-Pop fans with their lovely charms and strong visuals. Nevertheless, today I’ll be talking kpop, and how possible is it for a foreigner to actually break into the industry. They want to be the most successful and most popular out of the group, they want to be the “golden maknae”, in summary they want a kind of “Suzy and friends” scenario, even if it’s supposed to be an integrated group of equals. wish you all good luck Jay  UPDATE: They are called WEi and consists of 4 members! As of now, their debut date is yet to be confirmed. Find Out Which Animal Emoji Represents ENHYPEN Members. lmao:v U can't judge i-land like that if u don't know the quality of the trainees. Can I ask you TOO from world klass reality show right? I have been meaning to write about a topic like this for a while now, but I’ve been putting it off for reasons I too am yet to figure out. I saw TREASURE from YG entertainment, I was amazed by their talents! l am a army but who is ready for the new girl group girl power, bighit is debuting 2 more boy groups so..yeahh, but thats in 2021 or 2022 they are debuting a girl group too which was supposed to debut later this year but .....corona, i am a bts fan but the boys are handsome i will be their fan now, have you ever even heard their music, hahah. Now, I am no social expert, neither am I an exclusive insider to the industry, some of my points are just universal common sense, nevertheless since most of the readers of this post would most likely be hot-blooded teens, there Is a good chance of them omitting all the critical details to suit the narrative they want to believe as they get distracted by all the glittering lights and idols. im weak, they're just fetuses and they be breaking my hearteu already ;-; I like MCND and they are a new group♥️♥️♥️, Ya I know a band called MCND that are new RBW Entertainment will be debuting their new girl group, PURPLE KISS! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ? I think Exo still remains my all-time favorite, I love their music, choreographies, and vocals most especially. I fear this the most but I hope our girls will continue a happy and good life after that. Being considered the “international sister”, Lisa has the support of a powerful individual fandom. This is why I can be interested or in love with a person’s work, but not so much of the person as an individual, at most I respect them. MCND is the latest boy group from TOP Media and they had debuted with powerful track 'Ice Age' on Feb. 27. I’d like the KPop bands to be uniquely Korean because Korean culture is very unique, Korea is not a melting pot of cultures, it’s a tiny country in comparison to most Western countries and I’d like it to be respected in an authentic way. Stretch marks? isn't there another "K-pop" group than has two non-asian member and will is ng Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, English..? You can check some of the best dressed idols that we've seen in 2020 below. This is not to say that as a non Korean, you have no chance in the Korean music business, the world is changing and integrating at a rapidly fast pace, agencies are aware of this, and so are becoming more innovative and inclusive. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Alma COME INTO THE ICE AGE Also i can’t wait for TREASURE’s debut and the new girl group of YG. Why you got make so many groups if they gonna disband in 2/3 yrs Correct me if I’m wrong, but chances are you are currently reading this blog post because. She also danced with the group when they made a surprise appearance last year in Washington Square Park. For those who might not be able to keep track, NCT 2020 will consist of 23 members! What Is GLEEZ And Why Is It Important To GHOST9?


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