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If you follow Drew Barrymore on Instagram, you know that she often takes a more minimal approach to makeup. Emmy-winner RuPaul projects a beautiful image when made up, no matter in drag or not. Culture Club in 1983 (clockwise): Boy George, Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and Jon Moss. Nobody looks good in a blurry, sweaty, post-workout snap, so the result is that a woman so stunning she's literally the face of her own billion-dollar company ends up looking like a hot mess. These days, she's most often seen living the dream in heavy makeup, but in October 2017 she posted a makeup-free video on Instagram, giving us a look at the girl underneath the glam. Nevertheless, it's true the celeb looks remarkably different barefaced than she does with a full face of makeup — and she'll be the first to admit that. In May 2018, producer of Fox's hit drama 9-1-1, Ryan Murphy, made a surprising announcement. And while she usually looks great, this one kind of misfired. In a profile of the singer released that same month, Marie Claire dubbed Carlton's style as decidedly "still indie." Wow, no makeup and you look amazing," one fan remarked. Although you may remember Carlton best from the song's accompanying music video  — you know: red nail polish, side braid, and 2000s makeup — 2020 Vanessa Carlton may be unrecognizable to you considering she is often pictured without makeup and rocking micro bangs. Chelsea Handler made a name for herself with her bold stand-up comedy, uncensored autobiographical books, and no-punches-pulled talk show on E! But in real life, Cuoco isn't afraid to spend some makeup-free quality time in nature. In interviews, Adele has said she prefers to go for bold and "very dramatic makeup" when performing, a look that contours "Boy George-style with lots of blush on my cheeks." Yet, around the same time on Instagram, she did more (or was it less?) "A girlfriend of mine, who was a few years older, said: 'Trust me. That's why it's so shocking to look at her shower selfie without the eye shadow and lash extensions that put her usual look somewhere between Cleopatra and Jessica Rabbit. Hence, Silverman's face coverings. "That was a great moment when I realized it," she added. She's done it several times on social media and in spectacular fashion to mark her 44th birthday. "I was watching [actress and television host Polly Bergen] on TV at my stepfather's house, and she said something like, 'I wish someone had told me when I was younger to start taking care of my skin.'" Judging by the bags under her eyes in this photo, taken in 2013, the breakup took a bit of a toll on her. BUT I shouldn't feel bad. Still, there are days when Paulson will throw her hair back into a ponytail, secure her flyaways with basic barrettes, and forgo makeup altogether. Dressed up or dressed down, we think Paulson is radiant either way. Jessica Alba falls into the same category as most of the others on this list: natural beauties who did something awkward in addition to not wearing makeup. One person even dubbed her a "beautiful creature.". "I just realised that 102 fever gives u the perfect shades of pink," she wrote on Instagram. This may mean we'll get less photos from now on, but luckily we can still look back at hundreds of old posts, including this bare-faced, post-spin class selfie. The star explained how she felt about participating in the photoshoot, saying, "It was definitely more of a difficult process for me, not because I have to be in makeup daily, I don't, I'm not looking red carpet standard all the time." Kesha gave fans another glimpse of her without makeup in January 2019, giving a close-up look at her many gorgeous freckles on Twitter and sharing that she wanted to "let [her] freckles liiiiiiiive.". She said she's also happiest at red carpet events when she's got some "sparkle and a shoulder pad." But I think it's about being comfortable with who I am now. She then added the quintessential hashtag: "#nomakeupselfie." But Cara's never been one to take herself too seriously — she's always sharing silly photos and videos of herself online, and isn't afraid to show off her natural beauty. Actually, who does put on makeup to go to the grocery store, right? You know what? Lizzo added that she's been enjoying seeing people dressed down and barefaced on Instagram — and she too has joined in by sharing makeup-free videos with her followers on social media. And it's hard to deny she looks pretty unrecognizable without her hair and makeup all done up. TV and movie cast reunions: Nostalgic photos to give you all the feels, coach sang, "When I don't know who I am/When I'm lost in you/When I'm under the water/I look to you/You know I do/And the water is gone. Amen. Obviously played for laughs, the intentionally bad photo looks more she was trying to recreate one of those "after" photos in a substance abuse awareness campaign. You're also probably used to seeing the star all done up — but she's not afraid to step out into the public eye with freshly washed hair and without a dab of makeup. It was daring of her, but also honest. "I'm very self conscious and constantly feeling bad about myself. "I remember being around 20 years old, and I still didn't feel so comfortable in my skin," the actress told WedMD. "They're these full-functioning, beautiful people now, and it's great.". Of course, it doesn't hurt that she takes great care of her skin. Simone Almekias-Siegl, a makeup artist who worked with the star on the show, even revealed the brand and color to fans when speaking with Racked: Ilia lipstick in the shade "Perfect Day.". ", However, not everyone has taken kindly to her more natural appearance, with one commenter telling Trump on her March 2020 video to put the makeup back on. But looking that iconic is hard work, and there are going to be moments when RuPaul Andre Charles just won't look like the RuPaul we all know. The doctor further explained Silverman's condition, telling the publication, "The face is most commonly affected by melasma, with symmetric patches appearing on the cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lip, and chin." Her entire Instagram account is peppered with no-makeup selfies that appear to pop up whenever the mood strikes. "That's all I need," she continued. Zoe Saldana has come a long way since playing Britney Spears' friend Kit in Crossroads. These days, it's hard to picture Geena Davis with anything other than radiant red hair. A big part of keeping her skin healthy is simply remembering to cleanse. In addition to being an A-list actress and a successful entrepreneur, Paltrow is married to the hunky Brad Falchuk and is the mom of two adorable kids. Though, she has experimented with different colors. I'll take a big smiling make-up-free face any day of the week." Although she thinks highly of women who wake up early to do their makeup, the star admitted that's just not her. Instead, the celeb donned a simple black hoodie, a matching headband, messy bun, and a bare face — a uniform many women know well. Don't worry, she'll still be posting pics through her assistant, who is the only person with the password. From the meat dress to that weird egg thing to the countless other getups that had her looking like she was headed to a masquerade ball in Hell, the "Born This Way" singer never fails to shock. EVERY1 does!" The camerawork isn't professional, and, in the absence of her hair and makeup team, Ray isn't bothering to get all gussied up to cook from the privacy of her own home, as seen in videos posted to Instagram and YouTube. News). Another kind commenter added, "You look fantastic with or without makeup." Paulson is definitely not afraid to take risks. "Why was I wearing more makeup when I was 16 than I do now?" Oh no, what if I look weird?


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