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Dr Okeoghene Odudu, Access Officer of the Faculty of Law.

What social objectives do these rules serve?

The Law course at Cambridge is designed to enable our students to achieve their academic and personal potential. The half paper is taught through lectures and workshops which take place in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. The BA in Law at Cambridge, like most LLB programmes, is considered a qualifying law degree. United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 1223 330033 At Cambridge, all undergraduate students receive a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA) upon completing their course. Is this law accomplishing its intended purpose? The Legal Skills and Methodology half paper is a compulsory paper for first year students, and for those students taking the Tripos in two years (affiliated and changeover students).

The Cambridge Law Department does not render legal service to the public. The undergraduate Law course at Cambridge is intended to give a thorough grounding in the principles of law viewed from an academic rather than a vocational perspective. degree requirements.

We are positioned to serve the world in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Burlington, and Elliot Lake.

How did it develop over time? Where did this law come from? United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 1223 330033 There are no set 'tracks' as you hone in on your interests; it is up to you to choose your optional modules.

We are passionate about teaching our students well, and about helping them to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the pivotal position of law in a civilised society. Our students are encouraged to develop strong analytical, critical thinking, evaluation and communication skills, and a capacity for independent learning. Email:, Frequently asked

However in your second and third years, you will have increasing opportunities to specialise and explore your interests.

10 West Road For example, you might choose to focus on interests in commercial law or property law, or in more philosophical, historical and sociological aspects of law, such as jurisprudence, legal history, labour law and criminology. This means that the undergraduate Law degree at Cambridge is a BA, while many other universities in the UK offer an LLB degree as their undergraduate law programme.

Prizes are available for outstanding examination performances. Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies, Canadian Journal of Law & Society / La Revue Canadienne Droit et Société, Canadian Yearbook of International Law / Annuaire canadien de droit international, International & Comparative Law Quarterly, International Journal of Cultural Property, International Journal of Legal Information, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution and Mediation, Law and Technology, Science, Communication, The Antebellum Origins of the Modern Constitution, Rules and Practices of International Investment Law and Arbitration, The Cambridge Handbook of Judicial Control of Arbitral Awards, The American Law Institute Reporters Studies on WTO Law, ASIL Studies in International Legal Theory.
Email:, Frequently asked

Studying undergraduate Law at the University of Cambridge. Cambridge CB3 9DZ

It is regularly ranked as the best law school in the United Kingdom by major national league tables.

Joint Degree Program enables Harvard J.D. Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service 20 West Street Boston, MA 02111-1218 Phone: 1-800-392-6164 The David Williams Building

Cambridge have an established and ever expanding academic law list in public and private law subjects crossing books and journals aimed at a global readership. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. candidates to earn a Cambridge LL.M. Most Law students will complete the Law degree in three years, studying various areas of Law through a combination of required and optional modules, sometimes called "papers" at Cambridge.

I hope you will find the information in this website helpful and that it will confirm your decision that Law at Cambridge is the right choice for you.

questions, How the

at the end of the year upon successfully completing all LL.M.

We use a range of teaching methods, including interactive teaching in the small group supervision system that is a key part of our approach, to give our students an unrivalled learning experience.

Cambridge CB3 9DZ The Harvard Law School and University of Cambridge J.D./LL.M. questions, How the The David Williams Building Special emphasis is placed on contemporary developments, but the journal's range includes jurisprudence and legal history. Particular strengths lie in international law, human rights and transitional justice, transnational and comparative law, jurisprudence, and legal history.

and Colleges work.

To help you make the best subject choices for your own interests, skills, and career goals, the Faculty of Law holds an annual 'subject forum' at the end of the academic year, at which course organisers for each paper provide information about their papers. University and Colleges work, How the University You can contact one of the following agencies: Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service 16 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02108 Phone: (617) 742-0625.

Almost all of our three-year Law students seek to cover the seven foundation subjects during their degree, and will therefore take Land Law, Contract Law, Equity, and European Union Law in their second and third years. These papers are not strictly compulsory for the completion of the BA in Law however, and students interested in a degree in Law with an exclusively academic interest may take a wider variety of other papers if they so wish. The Faculty of Law The term "Tripos" originally referred to the three-legged stool that Cambridge students sat on to take their final exams. You won’t have to sit on a stool these days, but the term "Tripos" has stuck around as shorthand for the degree that you complete when you pass your examinations at Cambridge.

Students are assessed at the end of each academic year, by way of a three-hour written examination for each paper (or two hours in the case of half-papers). and Colleges work. The Cambridge Law Journal publishes articles on all aspects of law. All first-year students will study the same four modules, as well as a half paper in Legal Skills and Methodology. You will also have the chance to discuss your choices with your Director of Studies, the person at Cambridge who is responsible for your academic wellbeing.

The Faculty of Law, Cambridge is the law school of the University of Cambridge.The faculty is one of the world's oldest and finest law schools, renowned for the quality of its teaching and its cutting-edge legal research, particularly in international law. The Big Potential of Big Data: Quantitative Analysis in the Field of Business and Human Rights, The Contemporary Waqf and the Fragility of Shi’i Quietism. and a Harvard J.D. in a total of 3.5 years.. Students selected for the program spend their 3L year in Cambridge and are eligible to receive the Cambridge LL.M. Cambridge have an established and ever expanding academic law list in public and private law subjects crossing books and journals aimed at a global readership.

The half paper aims to equip students with the foundational skills and insights which will enable them to identify, apply and analyse a wide range of legal resources to develop as lawyers.

The Faculty of Law Third year Law student Gemma explains a little bit about what her experience of studying law has been like at the University of Cambridge. Most Law students will complete the Law degree in three years, studying various areas of Law through a combination of required and optional modules, sometimes called "papers" at Cambridge. There are students from all walks of life here, different in many ways, but all united by a passion for learning and an ambition to succeed Gemma, 3rd year Law student. Loading tweets for As per 28 September, the total COVID-19 cases in Indonesia reached 278,722, following a single day increase of 3,509 in new cases.…. This means that we challenge students to consider questions like: I am delighted that you are considering applying for Law at Cambridge. Assessment will be in the form of an extended essay to be submitted at the start of the Easter Term.

The ‘New Normal’ in Indonesia: Will States and Business Enterprises Ensure the Right to Health of Workers?

You can find information on alternative tracks, including the Erasmus+ scheme, the affiliate degree, or changing into Law from another subject at Cambridge on this website.


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