elegy sentence
At Smyrna he met with a kind reception from the English consul, Mr Bretton, upon whose death he afterwards wrote a Latin elegy. Nothing could be more suitable than this exquisite and heartfelt elegy. It includes a new work elegy, composed especially for the choir by our founder, David Aylett. Both kinds of acrostic occur side by side in the Psalms. 3 a … Drury lost his only daughter, and in 1611 Donne published an extravagant elegy on her, entitled An Anatomy of the World, to which he added in 1612 a Progress of the Soul on the same subject; he threatened to celebrate the "blessed Maid," Elizabeth Drury, in a fresh elegy on each anniversary of her death, but he happily refrained from the third occasion onwards. Some seventeen of his elegies treat of … 126), the long elegy by Abu Dhu'aib of Hudhail on the death of his sons; almost every verse of this poem is cited in illustration of some phrase or meaning of a word in the national lexicons. An elegy written by him in Latin on the death of a friend attracted the attention of Count von Briihl, the prime minister, who expressed a desire to see the author. His might is attested also by the fine elegy (2 Sam. (David's elegy over Saul and Jonathan); and, very probably, in the Septuagint of 1 Kings viii. An elegy on his death was published by William Tasker, poet and physiognomist, in the same year. In 1634 also, having been selected as the composer of a Latin elegy to Richelieu on the occasion of the cardinal visiting Rouen, he was introduced to the subject of his verses, and was soon after enrolled among the "five poets.". It is sometimes not easy to distinguish the epistle from the elegy and from the dedication. Twice over this tenet, which makes Socrates, Plato and Aristotle one ethical school, inspired Aristotle to attempt poetry: first, in the Elegy to Eudemus of Cyprus, in which, referring to either Socrates or Plato, he praises the man who first showed clearly that a good and happy man are the same (Fragm. Sentence Examples Before leaving the city, Henry composed a simple but attractive little piece in A minor entitled Cymric elegy, for three-part string orchestra. (ˈɛlədʒi ) noun Word forms: plural ˈelegies. elegy in American English. Check out there tabs for Within Destruction, Truth of My Perception, Elegy and Confined. Examples of Elegy in a sentence. 0 0 1, line 3); and the initials of the verses of David's great elegy are 7wvn rim, which may be read as a sentence meaning, perhaps, " Lo, I the Avenger " (cf. , The celebrated poet has been chosen to write an elegy for the people who died in the terrorist attacks. The other feature, peculiar to the long poem (gasida, elegy), is that, whatever its real object, whatever its metre, it has a regular scheme in the arrangement of its material. (2) Gillian Wearing presents an elegy to one of life's losers. to women in love elegy: he takes them as real. , During the funeral, Clay played an instrumental elegy for his brother. Definition of Elegy. nirvana fans, be forewarned: This sensuously entropic elegy is the most elemental and circumscribed of biopics. It often involves a poet who knows how to phrase thoughts imaginatively in the first person. (4) Gennady Rozhdestvensky recited Alexander Pushkin's, (12) Similarly, Urian Oakes (1631-81) touches a nerve of agony in these lines of his laborious ", (13) That perches in the soul and sings the, (18) The border Town is more a grievous custom, (19) That perches in the soul and sings the, (22) What begins as a satiric novel of ideas ends as a surprisingly moving, (23) The protagonist's six-day brief physical leisure trip corresponds with the psychic journey of the discovery of the myth and, (24) Aimless Breeze flaps against the heavy glass windows like playing an ancient, (25) I only she her smiling face and hear her laught . In 1781 he removed to London to devote himself to literary work, publishing in the same year a volume of Rimes of no great merit, and Scottish Tragic Ballads. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. The chief source of his biography is his own poetry, especially the Latin elegy addressed to Jean de Morel, "Elegia ad Janum Morellum Ebredunensem, Pyladem suum," printed with a volume of Xenia (Paris, 1569). The film is a beautiful elegy on being different. a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead. (3) Yet that tiny elegy speaks forward, too, perhaps, to another vanished relatedness, between Martin and his first wife. In a famous elegy David lamented Jonathan's death, with Saul, in battle on Mt. Elegy in a sentence (1) Mind out! They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Within the logic of traditional elegy, this step is integral to the process of poetic maturation. a poem or song displaying grief or mourning, Since I am not an animal lover, I could only sigh as Ann sang an elegy for her dead cat. He was articled as a law clerk in Edinburgh, and his Elegy on Craigmillar Castle (1776) was printed during his clerkship. 1 : a poem in elegiac couplets. Definition of elegy. elegy A mournful poem. It contains the "Descrypcion of the towre of Virtue and Honour," an elegy on Sir Edward Howard, lord high admiral of England, who perished in the attack on the French fleet in the harbour of Brest in 1513. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Since I am not an animal lover, I could only sigh as Ann sang an elegy for her dead cat. Both are lauded in an elegy quoted from the Book of Jashar (2 Sam. Darwin credited her with inventing a poetic form, the epic elegy and she is clearly a major contributor to romantic poetry.


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