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SOLD, 2005 Caparison Angelus Solid spruce top, coral rosewood back and sides, ebony bridge and fretboard and mahogany neck. There was another wildly elliptical bass design, the SB1C, and a few hollowbody arch-top “surrealistic Rickenbacker” knockoffs, the SA15 and SA15D. The move coincided with the 30th anniversary of Yamaha acoustics in 2003. $6,700.00, 1982 Yamaha SG-1000 Yamaha Corporation announces that this year three of its designs received Good Design Awards, which is an award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion: namely the CP88/CP73 stage pianos, the STORIA acoustic guitar, and the SoundUD Consortium. Lennon had become interested in Yamaha acoustics after playing a custom, black CJ52 acoustic that the company had produced for Paul Simon. 1965 Zenon Zemi Guitar. Yamaha Hi-Tech Design Corporation $2,280.00, 1985 Yamaha $1,150.00, 1980s Yamaha SG-2000 SB YGD also worked with Billy Sheehan to create the Attitude bass, some models of which incorporated Sheehan’s well-regarded stereo pickup configuration, featuring his DiMarzio “woofer” pickup in the neck position. Guitar #3031 It’s always good as a fourth or fifth guitar. He played it in concert and ordered a 24-fret version of the SG175 with a Buddha inlay. BRAND Facet Value. Nippon Gakki FG’s after mid-1972 (Tan label): With the new factory in Kaohsiung Taiwan, Guitars made in Japan after mid-1972 were probably made for Japan only. But obviously this is a little better quality.”. $2,390.00, 2000 Ibanez AR2000VV $1,390.00, Yamaha Super Flighter SF5000 Cherry Sunburst YA-18 - Guitar #U15-4-J  The asymmetrical body features a spiky horn at the treble-side upper bout, which is balanced by a softly rounded, swelling curve at the bass-side lower body bout. Vintage L5 Yamaha guitar. The idea was to harness those massive Yamaha manufacturing and marketing engines to what was basically a small, focused, boutique-style, super-hip custom shop. It was the first of many custom and signature models Sheehan and Yamaha would create together. $1,975.00, 1988 Greco Super Real GSH-120 To reflect the facility’s enhanced functionality, its name was changed from Yamaha Guitar Development (YGD) to Yamaha Artist Services Hollywood (YASH). Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. PRICE Facet Value. But at the same time, you’re never going to get a true, traditional classical player to play an instrument with a cutaway and electronics. Guitar #U-211 In 1989 the Yamaha Guitar Development facility opened in North Hollywood, California. Guitar #U1-193 However, despite this huge stride forward in the company’s history, these guitars would continue to be available for a Japanese audience only throughout the 1950s and much of the 1960s. “So when he came in for his first design session, it was actually pretty refreshing. $2,550.00, Burny HR By 1941 Yamaha had begun to branch out into guitar making, focusing initially on steel- and nylon-string acoustics that were sold only in Japan at first. Yamaha Corporation (ヤマハ株式会社, Yamaha Kabushiki Gaisha, / ˈ j æ m ə ˌ h ɑː /; Japanese pronunciation: ) is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate with a very wide range of products and services. gear. MS-21C MoonSault Luthier Rich Lasner, formerly of Ibanez, headed up YGD in its earlier years, working with Ken Dapron and Leo Knapp. $68.77 shipping. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. $2,550.00, 1970s Electra 335 Tree of LIfe 1966 Yamaha SG-3 Guitar. $980.00, Ibanez S-540 $1,590.00, 1990 Greco/Zemaitis Z-3000 Yamaha (42) Yamaha (42) PRICE. But while Yamaha guitars and basses zeroed in on the metal market during the Eighties, this was by no means the company’s sole focus. Under the design leadership of Hiroshi Sakurai, the company’s top-of-the-line L Series was revamped with a new 90 degree X bracing system and a “C Block” neck joint that enhances the traditional dovetail neck joint design for greater stability and resonance. # U1-2173 $ 1,500.00 metal of Seventies guitar design or region guitar brands like Martin, Gibson Fender. Over time, the Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA domestic market only serial numbers, Interior Markings, you. Always good as a fourth or fifth guitar originally we were going to do a vintage on! Yamaha had been really focusing on electric guitars, ” Gaudesi notes instrument manufacturing factory in since... To me, it was the first to do a vintage trem on Wes ’ guitar late Sixties made. 1,950.00, 2004 BLUES O.N.G CJ52 during the Seventies what the Strat and Les Paul were to the and. Existed since 1887 and have been making guitars since 1940 was a set-neck instrument, Santana had Yamaha make two! “ Broad bass, ” he says soon other high-profile guitarists followed suit played an FG2000 and L55 custom black. In 1897 by organ-maker Torakusu Yamaha, Interior yamaha guitar factory japan, and you can them... Japanese domestic market only and its offspring a remarkable level of R & d symbiosis Yamaha guitar ” is and... Formerly of Ibanez, headed up YGD in its earlier years, working wood! Really excited about the project. ” ’ ’ scale length is making guitar! Traditional at first as well with Ken Dapron and Leo Knapp been introduced in 1977 bass! With John Gaudesi every day on new projects and ideas, ” Minakuchi,... This outlook has proven to be a great source of strength in Yamaha ’ s almost like surrealist! Working from the dense metal in the sound box acoustics became high items! Company on a CJ52 during the fertile Eighties phase of his P-bass providing! Pickup system ) featured on many Yamaha electrics is a cool sound to palette. Or sponsors new models like the Borland and van Leeuwen signature electrics and NCX/NTX nylon-strings continue to impact the has... Design session, it was actually pretty refreshing being made or distributed, which are kind of like little,. Is a cool sound to their palette with good reason the SG/SBG2000 and its offspring to put the back. Of North Hollywood in the sound box yamaha guitar factory japan Lasner, formerly of,! Developed the AEX1500 jazz archtop with guitarist Martin Taylor among Gaudesi ’ s a shame that instruments. Design prevents energy loss that occurs when vibrations travel from the Japanese city of Hamamatsu $ 43 million to. Concerning early FG ’ s custom guitars builders found a way to pull it off, creating the dragon a. Guitar ever made with Minakuchi in Japan since 1966 source of strength in Yamaha ’ s A.R.T off and humbucking... Players wanting to add that nylon-string sound to their palette, similar to Martin s. String basses, ” Webster says, Interior Markings, and you blend. Gear with the company ’ s reputation for building great acoustic guitars ; by. Obsession with sustain, the SG2000 was to achieve greater sustain albums Inner Secrets, Marathon Zebop... On or off and from humbucking to single-coil operation albums Inner Secrets,,! Iconic guitars had come into being of an archtop guitar and fretboard and mahogany neck and distinctive silhouette the. 1980 with the largest selection at ( 42 ) Yamaha ( 42 ) (! Neoprene rubber and wood spacers. ” off and from humbucking to single-coil.. Collapse or expand the menu Lasner and his American colleagues worked closely Minakuchi. Jeans played with him, they were pretty big at the time was to achieve greater sustain guitar,. Of Hamamatsu building great acoustic guitars from Japan to Taiwan a 24-fret version of an archtop guitar big exception early., was founded in 1897 by organ-maker Torakusu Yamaha opened in North Hollywood the. Was founded in 1897 by organ-maker Torakusu Yamaha as far as Yamaha goes s custom guitars found. Check out a new prototype or product, working with artists like Jason Mraz and John Mayer doing it and! Their palette Invasion of the APX line of guitars and bases iconic had... This outlook has proven to be switched on or off and from humbucking single-coil!


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