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[144] Adventurers such as John Lok and William Towerson sailed south in an attempt to develop links with the coast of Africa. Had she been born a boy, it is likely that the whole of English history would have been different (but probably less interesting!

Mary Tudor was the only child born to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon to survive childhood. [67] Religious differences between Mary and Edward continued. [162] A historiographical revisionism since the 1980s has to some degree improved her reputation among scholars. 160–162; Whitelock, pp. 295–297; Porter, pp. Jane was next in the line of succession after Mary and Elizabeth, and the dukes thought they would be able to control the kingdom through her. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login).

Mary’s life was radically disrupted, however, by her father’s new marriage to Anne Boleyn. Mary, however, continued to celebrate mass in the old form in her private chapel and was once again in danger of losing her head. A failure to apply new tariffs to new forms of imports meant that a key source of revenue was neglected. 18–23, Loades, pp. 165, 138, Loades, p. 176; Porter, p. 195; Tittler, pp. [96] Their wedding at Winchester Cathedral on 25 July 1554 took place just two days after their first meeting. Thenceforward the queen, now known as Bloody Mary, was hated, her Spanish husband distrusted and slandered, and she herself blamed for the vicious slaughter. [125] Mary persevered with the policy, which continued until her death and exacerbated anti-Catholic and anti-Spanish feeling among the English people. Disappointed at the lack of a male heir, and eager to remarry, Henry attempted to have his marriage to Catherine annulled, but Pope Clement VII refused his request. 291–292, Porter, p. 398; Waller, pp. [38] The relationship between Mary and her father worsened; they did not speak to each other for three years.

The following month, the French ambassador in England, Antoine de Noailles, was implicated in a plot against Mary when Sir Henry Dudley, a second cousin of the executed Duke of Northumberland, attempted to assemble an invasion force in France. [28], According to the Venetian Mario Savorgnano, by this time Mary was developing into a pretty, well-proportioned young lady with a fine complexion. [74], On 10 July 1553, Lady Jane was proclaimed queen by Dudley and his supporters, and on the same day Mary's letter to the council arrived in London. [19] In 1525, Henry sent Mary to the border of Wales to preside, presumably in name only, over the Council of Wales and the Marches. Mary was declared illegitimate, and she was stripped of the title of princess. [106] Mary continued to exhibit signs of pregnancy until July 1555, when her abdomen receded. (ed. 170–174, Waller, pp. She was married to King Philip II of Spain. [172], Under Mary's marriage treaty with Philip, the official joint style reflected not only Mary's but also Philip's dominions and claims: "Philip and Mary, by the grace of God, King and Queen of England, France, Naples, Jerusalem, and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith, Princes of Spain and Sicily, Archdukes of Austria, Dukes of Milan, Burgundy and Brabant, Counts of Habsburg, Flanders and Tyrol". 144–147, Porter, pp. [54] When the king saw Anne for the first time in late December 1539, a week before the scheduled wedding, he did not find himself attracted to her but was unable, for diplomatic reasons and in the absence of a suitable pretext, to cancel the marriage. [173], Mary I's coat of arms was the same as those used by all her predecessors since Henry IV: Quarterly, Azure three fleurs-de-lys Or [for France] and Gules three lions passant guardant in pale Or (for England).
Mary I, the first queen to rule England (1553–58) in her own right. Insensible to the need of caution for a newly crowned queen, unable to adapt herself to novel circumstances, and lacking self-interest, Mary longed to bring her people back to the church of Rome. 311–313; Whitelock, pp. [87] When Mary insisted on marrying Philip, insurrections broke out.

We’ve been busy, working hard to bring you new features and an updated design. This demand ignored, he presently jilted her and concluded a more advantageous match. The plot, known as the Dudley conspiracy, was betrayed, and the conspirators in England were rounded up. "[165], Catholic historians, such as John Lingard, thought Mary's policies failed not because they were wrong but because she had too short a reign to establish them and because of natural disasters beyond her control. For example, the Act of Uniformity 1549 prescribed Protestant rites for church services, such as the use of Thomas Cranmer's new Book of Common Prayer. When Mary was in her thirties, she attended a reunion with Edward and Elizabeth for Christmas 1550, where the 13-year-old Edward embarrassed Mary, and reduced both her and himself to tears in front of the court, by publicly reproving her for ignoring his laws regarding worship.

[166] In other countries, the Catholic Counter-Reformation was spearheaded by Jesuit missionaries, but Mary's chief religious advisor, Cardinal Reginald Pole, refused to allow the Jesuits into England. Queen's and King's Counties (now Counties Laois and Offaly) were founded, and their plantation began. She attempted to reconcile with him by submitting to his authority as far as "God and my conscience" permitted, but she was eventually bullied into signing a document agreeing to all of Henry's demands. [31] She was not permitted to see her mother, who had been sent to live away from court by Henry. She was warned, however, that the summons was a pretext on which to capture her and thereby facilitate Lady Jane's accession to the throne.
[35], Mary determinedly refused to acknowledge that Anne was the queen or that Elizabeth was a princess, further enraging King Henry.

169–176; Waller, pp. [122] In total, 283 were executed, most by burning. 176–181; Porter, pp. Although he was in deacon's orders and prominent in the church, Pole was not ordained until the day before his consecration as archbishop (Loades, p. 319). This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 10:19.


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