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Her dark-haired sister was doing her scary pouting face and the crowd was giving her a lot of room. "Are you saying you need help watching them?" Gone were those bright eyes, that dancer's smile. Her mood did not improve when he asked her why the leash around her neck was missing. ", "Pass," Brick said, suddenly disinterested. "Cosmetic reply is 'Stairway to Heaven' or 'Comfortably Numb,' but I'll have to go with Steely Dan's 'Reelin' in the Years.'". It wasn't a difficult task, finding the girls. "Are you eating or not? Buttercup and Bubbles exclaimed as one. "No need to get all huffy," Blossom said. Yet, as easy as it was to get sucked into his performance, Bubbles' thoughts were on her sister, wondering what she made of the crowd's reaction. Why exactly is Blossom considered an Untouchable? Half of her face was coated in blood. Buttercup said incredulously, taking a few steps forward and tipping her head back to try and see how far up the ceiling went. "So how do you know what CBM is? The point is what they're capable of. "What the fuck are you doing, sitting?" Well, the hell with them. Brick turned and scanned the board for what had held his brother's attention—, Brick squinted his eyes and groaned, thumping his head against the board. 7 Comments. Already? "There's such a thing as dignity, you know!". "Hey, Junior Lieut." "Brick?". "And… how come I have two different first periods? "But this is so fun!" This sort of thing happened, sometimes—Brick would get lost in his work, and his mind would get away from him. Boomer was casually taking center stage, adjusting the guitar he had slung over his shoulder. "This is your next class. Bubbles and Buttercup both had History with all three, and judging from how she was acting by the end of class, Buttercup's patience was already wearing thin. But those green eyes weren't fixed on him. He descended the stairs, first taking note of the dance floor setup—that explained the bass—and then his other sibling, wrapped in a mess of dark hair and long legs against the far wall. Blossom huffed some stray hairs out of her face, and Brick must've picked up on the angry little sound. A stray green beam shot out, directionless, missing the beast by miles. Buttercup's face suddenly did this weird, scary thing—he could feel it, even though he couldn't see it—and suddenly the cafeteria exploded into typical high school socializing, with some strange, stilted undercurrent that seemed to intensify as the two of them approached the tables. Blossom threw the towel in her hands down on the table. Bubbles winced as she watched Boomer's hands flying along the strings, inwardly marveling not only at the magnitude of articulation he was managing, but at the pitch perfect notes he was hitting—at the speed he was going, it was unreal. His gaze iced over, and many of the party guests shuddered again. Against her better judgment, Bubbles gawked. A week went by in much the same vein, with some adjustments. We just don't think of it in ballroom dance terms. He sat, his glare still boring into her, and flung his sketchbook open. We protect this city. Brick glanced at the teacher to make sure he wasn't looking, then chanced a glimpse of the rest of the class. 1 - Just An Old Friend Coming Over or Blood Never Forgets-sbj-. "I love your outfit.". A city full of aging villains and a maturing superhero team saw less and less action these days. Neither distinctly popular nor so far off the beaten path that they were relegated to the ass end of the cafeteria. Do not let the simple and somewhat familiar concept fool you. He hated this city. "Stupid.". Bubbles suddenly shrieked, bowling over Blossom in her rush to her boyfriend's extended arms. Blossom had no choice but to follow him, and Butch was right behind her. "Girls! "Brick," Mr. Ivy said sternly, "What are you—". Robin articulated their thoughts quite succinctly, though it made the image before them no easier to accept as reality. '", Mitch suddenly stood, wiping his hands on his jeans. Brick angled his head and slowed down, slightly. I wanna beat the Lunch rush when the bell goes off." "Pleased to meet you! He dropped his pizza into the garbage. ", "No, that's definitely not me," Bubbles laughed, shaking her head. "You guys take forever, I fucking swear to God. forced Bubbles into taking an attack from the black fog. "Not the boys," Buttercup and Bubbles interrupted. Brick? Even in her exhausted state, Buttercup rolled her eyes and ignored her sister, trying to wash the mess off her via the fire hydrant. With a good line of action, it should be clear even without any details what the body is doing.". As class wore on, Bubbles started to fret. With a smirk and a nod at his brothers, Butch strode off, a predatory glint in his eye. Boomer serenades Bubbles once again with Avril Lavigne's "Hot" during Townsville High End-of-Year Rock Band Concert with the band, The Galaxy Girls. "What. "Um, do you need something, dude?" Bubbles sounded as if she were pouting. Not to mention she'd loved the attention. Buttercup took a turn and decked him in the head. The crowd had exploded into a cacophony of jeering laughter, shortly followed by wild applause. "Way to be mature about it, Princess. ", Butch went back to watching the girls—Buttercup had kicked open a fire hydrant and aimed the spray as best she could at her sisters. Butch shook his head. A product of Him, which is attracted to (and attacks) ones with conflicted hearts, Buttercup is the only one of the girls that, Which comes into play when Brick notices that Him's black fog avoids attacking her and tricks her into taking the brunt of its attack. Instead they glared at his bandmates—her former friends—each in turn, from one to another to another and back, taking her time especially with the boy plucking at the bass. "I don't think she'd be able to keep her temper if she had to babysit him the entire evening. "Enjoying myself. "Ready, girls?". Within seconds there was a figure at his side and a manicured fingernail on his cheek. "Blossom, you can't be the... proverbial flu shot for every, you know... strain of flu. Really? I've got bigger things on my mind than juvenile delinquency in your pitiful excuse for a city.". "I'd rather drop dead than invite you or your stupid sisters into my house. Fuck discipline. "Shut up," Brick and Buttercup said in unison, voices equally dark. "Off the shoulder, huh? The fuck. Blossom sighed, again assuming the role of The Sensible One, and quietly marveled that the three of them could exude such polarities in their sisterly relationship. Good. Pushing these thoughts aside with much pragmatism, she gave her sisters one last look that urged them to Please, Be Serious for A Moment, and, stretching a concerned smile on her face, opened the door. ", "No worries," Boomer said good-naturedly, and looked back at his brothers. The chilling reminder that he was stuck here—here, for fuck's sake—for another five months only further soured his mood. What was he thinking? "Nice threads," he said affably, eyes lingering on her as he passed. As if regular teenage drama wasn't enough, old enemies come back into their lives years after mysteriously dissapearing. "Oh holy fucking shit it's getting up!" To music, now—make sure to keep up. He glimpsed Boomer studying a bulletin board, his blue eyes intense. Now a party of two, Buttercup turned to Butch. Mrs. Morbucks even moreso with the addition of Chinese. she cried, apparently aiming her question at the boys, but appearing way too concerned with fixing the misaligned buttons on her blouse. Blossom, I thought all you had to do was change! "6:15? We'll do that twice, once to time, and then to music. "Princess never took to French, and she's got it in her blood.". "We have to keep an eye on them!" That's a lead guitarist and a singer…". You have a job to do! "Oh my God," she gasped, except it wasn't the Oh my God Ecstasy gasp, it was the Oh my God Look at That gasp, and Butch pulled back to see her eyes on something behind him. Blossom hated this question. Crank it up. He ran a loving hand along its neck. Please say goodbye and let's go. Chapter Text. "You worry too much.". "Think about the kind of look you'd like to see on Princess' face when you set foot in her house.". The one line he'd just drawn, of that move, that line alone could've been slapped into a frame and sold for thousands. ", "You never actually placed a bet," Brick pointed out. She also tries to steer him back on the right direction after he prevented the relationship from forming himself. A deep, low rumble, like thunder, shook the air. Blossom stared. You can't arrest him! That is, until three very familiar face shows up again. You've got a babysitter!" "Is that what you're wearing?". Buttercup and Bubbles had to do the same thing for Athletics and Choir, but Choir hadn't started after-school practices yet and Buttercup had Fridays off. She groaned and went to go change while the other girls bid their goodbyes, off to the party. "And an older woman, albeit one who's been eavesdropping. Buttercup bared her teeth in an overzealous simper before she resumed looking sick. Of course, High School being High School, said suitor was long in coming. "Girls," Butch said plainly. "You're very... mature for someone your age.". We thought they'd jumped town. "Except he was, you know, pretty good. The pink stuff started to dissolve. Bubbles asked, and was met with silence. ", "And Blossom's like a fucking dream—she's insanely smart, right, but she's hot, like, one look at her and you're sunk, you know—", "And oh man, wait till you see her dance—", "But what about Buttercup?" Breaks now appear as they should. Harry sighed. ppg fanart ppg more than human sbj more than human sbj mth ppg ppg blossom ppg buttercup traditional art ppg bubbles ppg brick ppg butch ppg boomer ppg 1998 stickers my art redcandraw red speaks stickers for sale. Her sisters were oblivious to her atypical demeanor. You should give her guard duty over Butch or Brick instead. paola-bear96 liked this She caught sight of her sisters and zipped down to help them. something-more-than-human. "But Coach Morris is going to kill me.". It's not like she's been assuming any responsibility for the boys lately, anyway.". "Middle section, remember the 6-step," Blossom warned. And also realizing that you and your sisters actually owe me, so the idea that you're the one asking a favor is absolutely preposterous? After awhile, Boomer started counting, and around twenty-three counts the thing finally fell back to Earth, sending a tremor through the city. "Sort of. Her own eyes were steady as she met it. There’s Lone, the simpleton who can hear other people’s thoughts and make a man blow his brains out just by looking at him. "The redhead's even better looking in person," he heard Butch say conspiratorially to Boomer, and Brick instantly made a threatening noise in the back of his throat as he directed a glare at the two of them. "She'd upgraded one of her old supersuits and tried to bust Mr. Morbucks out of prison. "I love how you say that like you totally didn't expect me to succeed," Bubbles reprimanded their leader, pretending to look hurt. ", Robin sighed and patted the redhead's arm. "You're only jealous because they're stealing all the attention away from you. Thankfully, the whole recital thing got Brick brownie points with his boss, so he got a series 2 version as a gift. Fuck. Buttercup didn't say anything. Butch seemed to be stifling laughter, while Brick just stared, shell-shocked. He seemed to be bored a lot these days. The hotline suddenly buzzed, and silence settled over the table. An ongoing Powerpuff Girls Fanfic by sbj published at in the beginning of 2009. Her lines were messy, but confident, and it was actually a pretty good drawing—. Butch looked disappointed at having missed an opportunity to mock his sibling, while their leader merely looked a little grim. Title: More Than Human Chapter 1: Just An Old Friend Coming Over, or Blood Never Forgets Pairing: RrB/PpG Rating: R, because they're teenagers and a good handful of them use terrible, filthy language. She looked familiar... She turned to greet them as they walked in the door. The lighthearted smile disappeared from her face. ", She had the build of a dancer—she even moved like one; he could see it in her swishy little movements when she sat next to him.


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