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So love the movie for the intensity of its simple emotions rather then trying to mix them with serial killers mental cages. MovieGazette also comments that it "needs to be seen to be believed. he has a undergrad in philosophy. Or may be that hypnotist reached out to him in someway. Is Mido just another figment of his mind in your interpretation or is she a real person having a real relationship with him? I do have a couple questions about Mi-do. I read your interpretation way back but I felt like re-reading it after watching the movie again. 42. You think of things in a unique way. Park chan wook decides that the box be let alone as if that box was open and Mido sees the photo album, she will know if it’s set up or not. Then, unexpectedly, after fifteen long years in captivity, the perplexed prisoner is deliberately released, encouraged to track down his tormentor to finally get his retribution. In shutter island he is left between making lobotomy willingly knowing his awfull past, or lobotoming him against his will, but with him believing he was a good man. Usually the nerve activity in the octopus' tentacles makes the pieces still squirm posthumously on the plate when served. That’s what “Oh Dae-Su” means. Notice Lee Woo-Jin doesn’t take Oh Dae-Su or his fake adventure seriously a lot of times and is usually smiling or laughing. ( Log Out /  You can apply reverse irony and say Oh Dae Su planted himself in the prison for 15 years, with the aid of a hypnotist and professional scheme crew, as a means of self punishment for not ever apologizing to Lee Woo Jin (for letting the whole school know about the time he sucked on his sisters titties). Mostt of the excitemednt of gambling is winning real money-take that out There are a lot of parallels here, for starters the every step is one year is alluded in an earlier scene when Oh Dae-Su pulls out a man’s (who he believed to be his captor) teeth, saying every tooth I pull is one year of my life I’ve lost to you, also Oh Dae-Su reveals that his name means “getting through one day at a time”. The shopkeeper tells her that she’s moved to Sweden but is she telling the truth? I’ll need to watch it a second time so I can flesh it out some more, but that is what I believe to be the ultimate interpretation of Oldboy. So I believe you take the movie as is, the old man at the start was not Lee but just some random stranger. a waste of time. Then I’m like wait a minute, his sister suicided before anything can come out lol. the painting (or poster) and oh dae su’s face in the end are just another parallel. Dae-su attempts to flee the apartment, but a sympathetic and intrigued Mi-do confronts him. Eventually Lee Woo-jin reveals this secret to Oh Dae-Su. And it for sure is pretty complicated. (wip). In my interpretation of the film i believe the most important quote, that is repeated throughout the film, is that of ” be it a grain of sand or a rock, in water they sink the same”. I’m interested in how you came to that conclusion. Like it didn’t seem very justified to me, but your interpretation could work although what James points out is kinda valid, like is Mido another part of his internal realm? Look it up! It puzzles me because I don’t see a connection but Dae Su is currently taking notice of something. Not only is a slightly altered version of this ancient tale employed through a contemporary context, but we are brought into the action and are implicated in the moral crime itself. Oh and Mido), which is characteristic of the power of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, whose classic act is to make Paris and Helen fall in love before and during the Trojan War. 7. The line which you reference as being so important “Even though I am lower than a beast, do I not deserve to live?” Is a commentary on the human species. Parents Guide, The Ultimate Martial Arts Movie List. Clearly he freaked out upon learning what he had done. Not being a very helpful member of society. On Oh dae su’s part where he holds the other guy by his tie, it is just a side story maybe having parallel to the brother sister story…but neither is oh dae su interested in saving that guy from committing suicide and really thats not his problem, he has become to cold to even care about listening to his story and maybe in the end he feels that he should have saved that guy, so uses that guys line to convince the hypnotist knowing that however shitty the world maybe, n perverted…love still has a chance. cheat in every last recreation or hand which you will perform. There’s no need to worry. Park Chan-wook stated that he named the main character Oh Dae-su "to remind the viewer of Oedipus. However, Dae-su seeks for his captor and the reason of his long imprisonment. Does Mido flap those angel wings like it belongs to her? Now when Woo Jin was explaining Oh Dae about post-hypnotic suggestion he told us how he had added the suggestion to visit a particular restaurant and Oh Dae ended up doing so. This scene has strong parallels with a couple of scenes at the very end of the movie, and forms the basis for the interpretation. "[17] David Dylan Thomas points out that rather than simply trying to "gross us out", Oldboy is "much more interested in playing with the conventions of the revenge fantasy and taking us on a very entertaining ride to places that, conceptually, we might not want to go. Weep, and you weep alone.” After the movie shows 15 years pass through events that transpire on his television, Oh Dae-Su wakes up inside a briefcase on a rooftop, it is here that he meets the man with a white puppy. He told Joo-hwan what he had seen, which led to his classmates learning about it. On the day of his daughter's birthday, Ho Dae-su gets completely drunk and is arrested. Spielberg pulled out of the project in 2009. [25] It was ranked #18 in the same magazine's "The 100 Best Films of World Cinema" in 2010. "[16] Peter Bradshaw gave it 5/5 stars, commenting that this is the first time in which he could actually identify with a small live octopus. With each step he will age by one year. He was born a woman, and had transgender surgery to become a woman. Dae-su enters a sushi restaurant where he meets Mi-do, a young chef. He reveals that Mr. Park is still working for him and threatens to tell the truth to Mi-do. They don’t put the whole animal in their mouths like the way Oh Dae Su does. There, his invisible and pitiless captors will feed him, clothe him, and sedate him to avert a desperate suicide--and as his only companion and a window to the world is the TV in his stark cell--the only thing that helps Oh Dae-Su keep going is his daily journal. because even wen we try to hide or lock that past some of it still remains. for the end bit of your analysis, all korean names are structured similarly to lee woo-jin or oh dae-su, whereas Lee is the family name (last name) and Woo-Jin is the given name of the person. The film follows the story of Oh Dae-su, who is imprisoned in a cell which resembles a hotel room for 15 years without knowing the identity of his captor or his captor's motives. I don’t claim my theory to be what the director intended, nor do I expect it to be for everyone, but it works for me and I’m glad it does for you too! Just to input, the name Mido means lost in the wrong road/end. I think just as he made Oh Dae pay for his sisters death by creating a sinister plot of revenge, now he wants Oh Dae to suffer for his death as well. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Ok so I think everyone spotted the fact that the hypnotist was the same. Then it hit me, BAM, right in the face! Its very interesting to read everyone’s interpretation of the movie. I never bothered to count them. Similarly I think a suggestion to meet that hypnotist had been added to his sub-conscious mind. He then eats a live octopus, it’s tentacles attacking his face as he bites into it, afterwards he passes out. Oh Dae-Su pauses, and very slowly repeats what the man just said, as if the words held some significance to him. [34], It grossed a total of US$14,980,005 worldwide.[3]. By Michael Cunningham Even the director’s vision of the film is not correct, because the director not only made the film for himself, but also for every person who watches it. Lee Woo-jin holds Oh Dae-Su personally responsible for the death of his sister and lover, as, if Oh Dae-Su had held his tongue about what he saw Lee Woo-jin believes his sister would not have ended up dead. Some pretty interesting thoughts here. We also saw that Lee Woo Jin had made the boss of kidnappers who acted on his behalf to give up his hand for money. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Woo-jin gives him an ultimatum: if Dae-su can uncover the motive for his imprisonment within five days, Woo-jin will kill himself. I agree the person taking revenge is hiding his own guilt for not saving his sister, and going out n telling everyone that they both loved each other. I dnt think d punishment was irrational..Dae su saw Lee woo jin with his sister…he didn’t knew they were brother and sister..he told his friend he saw her with a guy…his friend spread the rumour that she was slut and had affairs with everyone..which wasn’t true…she was traumatized so much tht she believed in those lie she was so anxious about it that her body reacted accordingly (she missed her period placebo effect if m nt wrong) and I believe she loved her brother and thought that she was bearing sum1 else child broke her literally..and therefore she killed herself… Dae su has always been a monster. Woo-jin had orchestrated everything by using hypnosis to guide Dae-su to the restaurant, arranging for them to meet and fall in love so that Dae-su will experience the same pain of incest that he did. This movie is not tarsem singhs cell, where prisoners of the mind are to be fought. Zinda, the Bollywood film directed by writer-director Sanjay Gupta, also bears a striking resemblance to Oldboy but is not an officially sanctioned remake. Perhaps we can get some proper cinema back on the mainstream to overtake the mornic “blockbuster” culture of Hollywood. About him becoming monster is copied from gankutsuou n count of monte cristo n eating live octopus is a strength testing ritual commonly done in korea, japan. The site's consensus is "Violent and definitely not for the squeamish, Park Chan-Wook's visceral Oldboy is a strange, powerful tale of revenge. Then there is a peak in the musical score, I couldn’t help but see the possibility Woo-Jin is a transvestite. Great thoughts! I just watched the film and read the analysis above. can i talk to u in private? Just before digging himself to freedom, Dae-su is sedated and hypnotized. This is a typical act between a father and daughter. There’s no evidence for that and you can see in the flashbacks that he is definitely not. cousin up, who I had watched it with, but he This is evidenced by Oh Dae-Su’s first encounter with Lee Woo-jin, his captor.Oh Dae-Su grabs him by the throat, but his captor’s white haired side kick (the white dog?) Oh Dae-Su keeps creating (rationalizing) a story that allows him to explain his current situation (i.e. "[23], In 2008, Oldboy was placed 64th on an Empire list of the top 500 movies of all time. However, who would hate Oh Dae-Su so much he would deny him of a quick and clean death? [7] It has been regarded one of the best neo-noir films of all time and listed among the best films of the 2000s in several publications. Oh Dae got shit on from beginning to end – all because he was obnoxious and “talked too much”. Oh Dae-Su kills his wife and is put in jail. Indeed, throughout the movie Lee Woo-jin is portrayed as an obscenely rich young man who lives in a lofty tower and is omnipresent due to having placed ear bugs on Oh Dae-Su and others, which again furthers the parallel between his character and the secrecy of Greek gods. Seems to me that Dau-Su thought this punishment up for himself to show Woo-Jin he had remorse. Other questions you may want to consider if you enjoy investigating films: Why do you think Oh Dae Su smiles at the end? He passes the time shadowboxing, planning revenge and attempting to dig a tunnel to escape.


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