patton sanders

The most common feature of an ARG is the puzzles that usually revolve around going from one website to another trying to crack the puzzle to find the link for the next website until you reach the end, the puzzles getting increasingly harder. It was an accident I swear! Jk, this is hilarious , "I’m at the core of a lot of your ... feelings" - Patton / Morality - by cattonsanders. “Flip it in the air, then quickly pick it up and walk into a small area. “I guess…” sighed Virgil, squeaking at the contact. sorry if the first two gif's are shit I'm not in the mood to remake them, Sorry for the huge ass delay school has been kicking my ass. Virgil eyed the coin, gingerly taking it from Patton. He’s out of it. “Oh… so- I use it to find my way back here?” asked Virgil, pocketing the coin with a nod. Yum yum. “Gaaayyyy” teased Virgil, grinning. to help give you the best experience we can. ", “i... im not allowed to eat this much...”, "What if we split it up? “Wallah”. If you want a clearer answer maybe dm me? And is this going to involve an ARG? Posts; I'll answer anything! He keeps him warm and safe, unsure what else to do. I dont need food, but you do. “He liked watching movies cause he hated my voice, but wanted to make sure I would be there to serve him whenever…”, Heya, kiddos! As well as fan interaction with Jay and Tim did not affect the story beyond some comments. He’d been gone ages! “Head out the same way you came in, being very sure of where you want to go back.

“Lily, aren’t you the cutest thing?!? Most unfiction stories tend not to acknowledge its unfiction, though some are more obvious than others. “Sorry! He didn’t mind Logan’s hugs but… sometimes they were too much. Aight, here it is: it starts off sounding like static but then it’s starts sounding more like people before someone in a distorted voice says “don’t trust your eyes or ears”. Logan rolls his eyes. You only eat a little bit more often? See more ideas about Sanders, Patton, Thomas sanders. *I'm the anon who sent an ask about existentialism etc in the story* Just wanted to try and clear up my last ask: I was basically trying to ask if the whole possibly-an-arg thing will lead to any ddlc-monika-esque situations (minus the whole hijacking the game/story part) beacuse fourth wall breaks like that would be a little much for me and if thats the case id rather know in advance. However not ARG’s are like this and some make it clear that’s it’s all a game. Hope this helps. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. “There it is!”. Misc. Columns. , Gonna ramble bc I love unfiction and ARGs. I can’t get enough of it!!! He eventually turns off the movie. “Bro! (Multiple Pattons available for asks. “really...?” His voice is small and shocked. btw fellow people with adhd what does it feel like wen you hyperfixae on something? ", He is suddenly attacked with love by his doggo. anyways I got to go tosleep or else I won't be able to work at night. Are you hungry?”. Mod is Maddy, and is 18. Or… he thought he had…, “Wow, I’m very glad.” He smiles softly. Seems like our happy papy has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle, eh? Thx. Jun 10, 2020 - Explore Alex R's board "Patton sanders" on Pinterest. ", "Oh... right.

He nods, but he looks a little dissociated while watching the tv. Grid ratio. Sit in the corner and think about what you did! “I dunno, surprise me” he replied, fiddling with the coin inside his pocket. When the board moves, he relaxes. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Anxiety | Virgil Sanders & Morality | Patton Sanders (9) Dr. Emile Picani/Sleep | Remy Sanders (9) Anxiety | Virgil Sanders & Logic | Logan Sanders (8) Include Additional Tags Trans Morality | Patton Sanders (77) Trans Male Morality | Patton Sanders (37) Alternate Universe - Human (23) Fluff (19) Trans Male Character (19) Hurt/Comfort (11) Oh my gosh, what did y’all do to Patton?! Uh it was a bit hard for me understand the first bit of the ask but I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability. ", "Then we'll just give her all of it! Virgil snickered, eating- hiding the little pang of sadness he was feeling. ", "That's amazing... any food she likes better than others? “Oi, what you up to, Pipsqueak?” called a voice. As you can probably tell from the name usually from an outside perspective it doesn’t come across like an actual game, an example of this is the ARG ‘The Human Pet’ (or at least I think that’s what it’s called) where the ARG runner actually got in trouble at one point as someone mistook the scenario (in this case them kidnapping someone) as real and reported them. “Meh, it means I have the house to myself for a bit”. Goodbye little bud.”. Smirk. Virgil nodded, wriggling free. Icon and Header by @strormmaw). He picks up his little brother, glaring at the bullies. So, just because something involves puzzles does not make it an ARG.

(On-the-virge-of-breaking) Virgil was starting a new job as a night guard. “Hey there…” mumbled Virgil, stroking the kitty as he pushed his bowl away. Feel free to send your ol' pop an ask anytime! Settings Layout. It won’t work in here. It was an accident I swear!

You eat a bit too, ok? “I’ll see you later, buddy.” He goes to grab his things.

How much can the asks break the fourth wall? "Mhm! Feel free to send your ol' pop an ask anytime! Usually it takes you another 30 minutes to get home.”, “I guess I found a shortcut?” remarked Virgil, chewing his lip. !!! Logan sighs, carrying Virgil inside. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. “You’re home early, Vee. He shrugged, beginning to eat.

You will find your way back from there.”. probably blame it on patton and janus malfunctioning because of being partially dismantled. Oh boy I don’t think I can answer this very clearly without going into spoilers, uh there are going to be shenanigans but not ddlc style shenanigans, I was actually inspired by something else.

He scoops the human and puppy up to watch a disney movie. The pet cat hops up onto Virgil’s lap, purring. Like if Janus continues to ask who we are, we deflect back to the murder plot no matter what. (). Holy hell this was a lot of info, and a very interesting read, it’s really cool listening to people talk about the stuff they are into. His eyes are blank, and he really looks like he’s not focusing on anything. Not the best job to pick but with his basically nocturnal way of life, it was great, now he could sleep all morning. But- you’re in front of me…”. He sticks out his tongue, before plating some mac and cheese for the other. Not the haiiiiirr, it takes skill to get it looking perfect” he uttered, shaking his head and ruffling the locks again; nodding. patton-sanders-killed-a-man. for me well you know that bit in ddlc when yuri is like My heart keeps pounding I can't focus, I have been feeling like I am vibrating for the past few days it's actually really distracting, The gif's were a pain to put together ad I had to keep making and remaking them, though not everything will go through or else there won't be any mystery you know, like yall can't send the entire series of even'ts you know, anyway byeeeeeeee see ya sometime in the future, I never heard of the term unfiction or chaotic fiction before most videos I heard about the subject just called them args, ill probs check out some of those unfiction stories that you listed, wanted to be more cruptic but I dont want to exlude anyone so here it is, no more answering asks today i need to work and answering asks uses too much brainpower, never partook in one just watched a lot of videos on them. There are going to be codes here there but they just hint at where the story is going, they aren’t necessary to solve. (Multiple Pattons available for asks.

RP submissions can be rejected at the mod's disgression. Virgil frowned in confusion, squeaking when Logan scooped him up. I have a few questions about the latest updates if thats ok: is this story going to get meta? probably blame it on patton and janus malfunctioning because of being partially dismantled. “I suggest you leave.”. When it it comes to existentialism hmmm maybe some bits though there will be warnings also it probably won’t go to like ddlc Monika levels you know? My ask box is always open! “Heck yeah! But yeah.

I have hearing issues, could you describe the audio? Yes you are, yes you are!”, He looks at Remus. Tons of awesome Patton Sanders wallpapers to download for free. Not mine. The thing with this place is that they run the animatronic show characters overnight.

He giggles, picking up the little thing. If it is, will it still be possible to follow the story without participating? “Okay, yo- what class is it tonight?”. Virgil gave Patton a smol wave. “im sorry...”, He sighs. You guys could try to explain the universe but Janus won’t believe you and probably laugh you off. “Who is here?”.

“If you need us, we’re here.”. Remember that style is always subject to change and none of these are rules, only reference! “Nah, love you too bro”. Define the grid ratio. And that makes it chaotic fiction because, while you might have a skeleton of where things are going, the end if affected by the audience as well! And, unfortunately, they can be rather unstable. “How do I get out?”. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. If you'd like anything hit me up! Virgil waved again, before crawling back through the smol gap. Another evening alone… he tried to focus on eating, but his appetite had gone. Type. Then there's chaotic fiction, which is just something that's ending can be affected by player input. Mac and Cheese!” he chirped, swinging his legs. Virgil watched his brother leave, putting on a front, before slumping. But in case you need help, it’s available.”. "Her name is Lily because she's friends with frogs! For the people who don’t have audio editing programs. “What’re you wanting?”. Login . She nuzzles and loves on her favorite human. “Whatever Four Eyes, we’ll get ‘im later” sneered the bully, snapping his fingers and walking away; his posse close behind. “In here?

I dunno, sounds boring” quipped Virgil, flashing a cheeky smile. Virgil clambered onto the chair and sat at the table, watching Logan cook. Uhm... wanna watch a movie?". Virgil tilted his head, before doing as Patton had instructed him. Here’s some stuff people have guessed, make of it what you will. Virgil wiggled as the food was placed in front of him, before frowning. Logan walks out of their house, Virgil’s older brother coming to the rescue. “Cool? Virgil stumbled up and brushed himself down, breathing. “He liked watching movies cause he hated my voice, but wanted to make sure I would be there to serve him whenever...”, He hands him a small coin. “It’s boring, but I need it for a degree.” He move to the kitchen. tumbex . 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Hi I'm Azzie and Just a heads up I'm 25. RP submissions can be rejected at the mod's disgression. Mod is Maddy, and is 18. I should’ve listened to him.”, “they’ll tell him some story about how you got hurt on the job or something. I write and draw for the Iplier Egos and Sander Sides. He flipped the coin and… failed to catch it, worrying when it hit the hard ground. He decided to mess around with it, taking hold and spelling, [I A M H E R E], Patton hides upstairs, terrified. Back to normal life. Ah. He’s hoping to find anyone to talk to in the house that wouldn’t hurt or yell at him. For example, Marble Hornets, while many call it an ARG, it's just an unfiction series.

Everything should be easy enough. “How are you?


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