you and i both know the house is haunted
Oooooh Then they stopped growling. But is time to go to the light. I saged my whole house last night but still felt uneasy. You need to move away ASAP — they could get hostile at any moment. Have you smudged your house with sage? I want it to stop. "During this time, he hid in the wardrobe until I drew him close, communicated with him, and with the help of my medium friend, sent him to the light.”. I wiped down the table and it wasn’t there. 5.15am i woke up in dark bedroom with black blind down. One night my mom was downstairs watching TV, and my sister was out. Me, why are you not a skeptic anymore? Agreed with Judith, prayers is stronger than anything. You used to catch me in your bed sheets just rattlin your chains Don’t break the circle, don’t even step one foot out of it. And you had to tell your friends that my fangs were fake. Except a feelin' in the air. I HATE MOVING & HOPE I’M NOT FOLLOWED, My friends house is having strange things happening like her outer shed light keeps turning on by itself also the bedroom light in her sons room was on earlier and when returned it was off her small dog acting strange in the kitchen as thou someone there seeing shadows when sitting in the living room etc what foes this mean also hearing footsteps from her bedroom. It won’t go away. Including my current house which has a history of suicide, depression and cancer within its walls. ”They” enter my left side of the body, from my ribs, they go up while growling and stop when they reach my shoulder. If there’s any questions ask me ;p. I have experienced many things, the things that i have experienced are: Psychokinetic Activity unexplainable Feelings Strange Dreams and Nightly Terrors Rogue Shadows Strange Noises Disappearing Objects When i have seen them or heard them first i was scared but then it was normal (for me) those paranormal activities If i get the change to caught a ghost i will do it. You and I both know that the house is haunted. Any suggestions? 4. Anyone on here know of a full proof house clearing? She never jokes around. Then came the possessions. The growls are so real and scary af. At first I thought it was a peeping tom I told my landlord he didn’t see any foot prints in the snow. I keep it stocked with a variety of flavors and all mixed up. She did a double take cause she thought it was her clients husband. The toilet would flush itself . She told BT Lifestyle: "Although most people you ask would say old properties – or buildings that house many people, such as prisons, hospitals and castles – the reality is that any property can be haunted, even a modern one.". like i am being pused, haveing skinned burned theen scratched then icturs on my skinand i don’t know whre its comeing from and the pictures are very disturbing to me, i really need your help to figure out wht going on and i want it to stop and i am literally scared tat it will get worse or never stop. Say that's hot, I began to shout You’re on your own on that one. A light switches on. Or anything about anything, for that matter. I was busy tryin' to charm that snake. I’m definetly living in a haunted house :'( I just wanna know if it’s good or evil.. I now believe in the paranormal.. We’re buying a home that was built in the 50’s.. They have a serious job to do when they appear. After that my mom seen a little child shadow downstairs by our kitchen and when I went down there like 5 mins later it wasn’t there and she freaked out too. The ones who hide only in shadows and fallow the shadows, if the room is bright you can not see them. When she come my dream disapear and everything become dark, and then i see her forword of me. That is happening for about 1 month and i dont know what to do so guys if you know something about that let me know because i am staring to fell scared. I asked who did that, not that I cared, but just curious. She started talking to it and telling it to leave us alone and get out of this house. Which makes it hard to talk about how do you call the police with no face. He woke up unable to breathe and had claw marks visibly appearing on his chest coming from no where. Well back then baby, it didn't seem so strange When i feel something is wrong while im trying to fall asleep i tell it to stop and to go away and it does. There relationship has become almost abusive. [Chorus] I was so scared it made me cry. At night, I would see hundreds of colorful spheres floating around in the dark (red, purple, blue, yellow, the whole 9 yards) and they just moved around, some slow, some fast. Its funny how the person wrote this thinks they know everything about spirit ts anyways. At any rate, do you know any other characteristics of a haunted house? He drank a hot coffee right from the spout, He ate the raw meat right from my hand She all of a sudden started beating my brother and I 3-4 times a week just for doing the smallest things. Having a house built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground is particularly bad news. I called my mom about an hour later and she acted like she was fine. We thought at first it was our daughter but she was still in bed and our dog was asleep. That will leads you the answer you need or where to seek for priest or medium so called. . So i dont know where i fall in but i had experience something extraordinary, when i was a child i walked on my patio and saw a red cape moving towards the hall inside of the house. You may learn that a former owner passed away in the house. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. They eventually moved. Until the day I went on an errand for my friend. Why is that I don’t feel or hear any of it???? I know it wasn’t my dog, because she was with us, and her ears pricked up at the sound. Also on a few occassions i would hear knocking on my front door or on my bath when im submerged in the water. I said hmmm. Im hoping someone can help because i am becoming quite frightened by the increase in activity in my cottage for the last couple of months since iv been trying to get rid of whatever is in there, also i have a 2 year old and this thing doeant seem to likewhen he sleeps over at his grand parents. Drank the hot grease from the frying pan That morning, we came downstairs and the statue was cracked in the middle, starting at the bottom and going halfway up the length of the statue. That wouldn’t make sense. Psychokinetic activity is a fancy word for things moving around without any visible reason. "Dearly Departed Lyrics." I felt it touch my finger last week. Image: Jesse Bowser/Unsplash. After every sentence, it would knock the toilet paper off of the counter, mom’s friend picked it back up and it just kept on doing it. I NEVER ASKED MY CLIENT IF HER HUSBAND DIED IN THE HOUSE AND WHERE HE WORKED .. might explain what he looked like.. Oh and she was saying he had on dark blue pants and a dark blue shirt! Call upon Archangel Michael to protect your children. My brother heard me cough and went to see why I wasn’t at work, but I WAS at work. © Copyright 2011-2020 Stranger Dimensions. DO NOT let anything mess up the salt. He said to me, well you better run You used to bite, I used to moan. She asked how long we lived there and when we said 4 years, she freaked out. So I feel like my husband’s spirit may be in my home were we lived for six years up to death. I bought this house and you know I'm boss I know it’s hearing watching us right now.   Ive had knocking sounds papers shuffling. I then asked my mom to go and get rid of it simply because my faith in a higher power isnt strong at all and hers is and while she was doing it i took my son to the main house and while she was inside my cottage doing watever she was doing i heard growling outside the door where we were sitting and then banging on my windows inside my cottage but qhen i asked my mom why she was banging on the windows she said there was no banging. Oh well. I have had a large plant in my lounge and it appears to have a large web around it. Last night she absolutely REFUSED to come in the house after her walk. I am considering having my child evaluated. I have seen my husband’s spirit or his image in many places since his death on August 20,2014. I saw a disembodied human hand reach out from under my bed & knock one of them over. It was around 9:10 PM and I had just put on the TV on the android box Id put on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cartoon from 80’s) just for the fun of it then I was getting hungry so I figured its time to cook some dinner I went into the kitchen and was standing almost in the middle of the room staring at the clock pondering what should I cook for dinner. Also when something moved i would see a glint of light like a spark and i also have a video of what seems to be paranomal fog? Dark spectres, outlines, black masses, menacing silhouettes in the shapes of humans. Off Antrim road, between Malone road and Lisburn road, and off Ormeau road twice. In the midnight hour, you came alive. and my dad said the place was haunted. dogs bark at seemingly nothing, Your lights start turning on and off on their own, You hear the sound of things being dropped, but there's nothing there, You see twinkling lights, mists or unexplained moving shapes, You experience sudden drops in temperature drops, usually in one place in particular. What you are pondering here- the parallel world phenomena, I have explained scientifically in my book “Real Dreams, Parallel World and the world they reveal”. Just last nite I woke up to a young girl around 5 standing by my nite stand pulling on her own socks and doing a small twisting dance I stared at her and she vanished. I don’t believe I’ve ever claimed to know everything about anything. Happy Halloween lovelies! It has also moved objects. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! then what put down salt? So, I wondered how he did that. Whether they’re demons or simple ghosts or, well, eye floaters, lurking shadows in the corner of your eye may be a sign that your house is haunted.


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